Jako’s Musthave


  • Roepnaam / Call Name
  • Geboren / Born
  • Heupen / Hips
  • Ellebogen / Elbows
  • Ogen / Eyes
    Vrij tot 21-12-2018 / Clear till 21-12-2018
  • PRA1
    Vrij / Clear
  • PRA2
    Vrij / Clear
  • Ichthyosis
    Normaal / Normal

CH. Trewater Tally

CH. Shardanell Castaspell

Ipcress Sir Thomas
CH. Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
Ipcress Sky Blue

Lovehayne Scarlett Sage For Shardanell
CH. Elswood The Highlander
Lovehayne Marcasite

Trewater Lottie

Gatchells Jazz Player
Mindaro Nawlins Jazz
Silversky Sundancer By Gatchells

Trewater Sadie
Trewater Trick O' The Light
CH. Sandusky Khamsin At Trewater

CH. Jako's Hope For The Future

CH. Ramchaine Snap To Jako's

CH. Lochtaymor King of Diamonds
CH. Jemedin Diamond Double of Lochtaymor
Rainscourt Queen of Scots of Lochtaymor

CH. Remington Requisite of Ramchaine
CH. Elswood The Highlander
Remington Rosette

CH. Jako's Octavia

CH. Dewmist Samsonite
CH. Telkaro Diamond Dust
CH. Dewmist Shaquille

CH. Jako's Keep Smiling
CH. Shanlimore Baronet
Jako's Only You